Riverside Studios
April 16 - May 11, 2013

Written by:  
Julia Pascal
Ailin Conant
Gethin Alderman; John Kamau; Yaron Shavit; Nabil Stuart

Once there was a boy. The war had taken his hands and arms. When he went home, his family didn’t recognise him. “You have no arms”, they said, “you are not our son”. They threw him into the river, where a giant fish swallowed him...

Three men sit in purgatory, playing and living in their dreams, with nothing but their memories to haunt them. When a boy arrives their world begins to change, launching them on a journey beyond the atrocities of the past.

Theatre Témoin present this visually stunning exploration of the trauma of combat and the hope that comes afterwards. Inspired by true stories told by child soldiers and ex-combatants from across the world; collected by the company during The Return Project, a year of creative work in Kashmir, Israel, Lebanon, and Rwanda.

Created with support from The Foyle Foundation, Warchild, Amnesty International, Queen Mary University, and Arts Council England.